Quick Tips – DS – Heroic Hagara

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Our guild recently killed Heroic Hagara on 25man and I thought I would write up some tips for others trying this content :)

Lightning Phase

This phase takes some time to get right, essentially if you are to get this boss down you need the crystals dead within 3-4 pulses of lightning. For this reason, rather than running the lightning around in a circle like most do on normal, you need to get your raid into position to chain the lightning.

I’ve seen a few different strats around; some line up around the outside, however we decided to line up in a big X.

For this strat to be effective you will need;

  • to ensure that you have your plate/mail or classes with personal CD’s from the first crystal (where the add is killed) to the middle, this section will take a large amount of damage.
  • want to be careful where you place the classes with pets, lightning will bounce on pets, so if you place 2-3 classes like locks/hunters near each other, the chances of them getting smashed is pretty high!
  • allocate 6 raiders between each point of the cross and one dead centre, which should give you enough room to leave some particularly squishy people out if you like (see how you go!)

I suggest before pulling the boss you get your team into position, place some raid flags for the spawn points of the crystals and make sure everyone remembers where to stand. If a key person is out of position, the lightning will not chain!

We had some real issues getting people back to the exact same spot, meaning their were too many gaps where the lightning wouldn’t immediately chain etc. For this reason I wrote a little addon;

Raid Spots

This basically sets an arrow of each raiders current spot (they all need to be running the addon). When they move away the arrow will point them back to that spot. This allows the whole raid to know exactly where they need to run to! For us this meant we could move onto learning Frost Phase within 2-3 attempts.

So the phase should run like this;

  • Add Spawns
  • All burn the add until it’s about 20%
  • Raiders begin to make their way back to their spots with Ranged finishing the adds.
  • By the time the Lightning Chains to the centre every NEEDS to be in position.
  • Within 3-4 pulses all Crystals are down and you smash the boss again.

Frost Phase

Frost Phase is intense but easy once you get the hang of it, basically we did the following;

  • Once the Ice Wall spawns healers and ranged move into the middle, you will be slow but if you stack the damage is very heal-able.
  • Melee runs out to one of the Crystals while Ranged focus on the opposite one.
  • Melee then run around hitting the crystals as much as possible without putting themselves at risk of wall squish
  • Be careful to not have ranged kill a crystal unless it’s behind Melee and will mean ending the phase quicker, get them low and move onto the next crystal with the highest health. This is to ensure Melee aren’t just running in circles with nothing to kill (i.e. you get the most out of that dps as they run through).
  • Melee with the debuff move into the middle and call for a dispell and then move back BEHIND the oncoming ice wall. We found melee initially getting hit by the wall trying to get back with the main group.

Ideal Phasing

Ideally you will take more Lightning Phases than Frost, this is simply because Lightning Phase done correctly will be over VERY quickly! Frost not so much :(

Pro Tips

  • Remember you can reset the boss to get your preferred phase first up, a rogue or huntard can do this
  • If you have feral druids (including tanks) get them to use Tranq during Lightning Phase, they cant be DPS’ing during this part of the fight anyways and it will take some of the pressure off your healers.
  • Somebody calling healing cd’s during Frost will also help but that depends on your healing group

Good Luck!


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