Guild Finder easier with Recruitment Enhancement?

There has been a lot of chit bat on WoW Blogs & Forums about the new Guild Finder feature released in 4.1, check out some of these posts;

The general feeling is that the concept of the new Guild Finder and the Recruitment side of it for GM’s is great, however it lacks some key features and functionality that means it will never truelly compete with other recruitment processes where a lot more information is required.

I found that the information I could provide to recruits was not enough to ensure they knew what we were all about, and on the flip side it encourages lazy applications (the kind we at Bizarro frown upon).

Some of the key annoyances I had with the system;

  • Clicking “Invite” or “Message” would generally do nothing because the applicant was nearly always offline (for me anyways).
  • No history or flag to say that I had actuall contacted an applicant (this gets to be an even bigger issue for guilds handling large numbers of applicants at once).
  • No means of inviting or declining all applicants (again a big issue with large volumes).
  • No way of copying the applicants name so that I could send them an ingame mail.
  • Needing to rekey or have a text file with template mails.

So I got to thinking that these issues would be common for other GM’s/Officers and so Recruitment Enhancement was born on curseforge.

The initial objective was to simply add a “mail” button to the frame that would load a predifined ‘template’ subject and body into a mail message (if the mailbox was opened).

It has since extended to handle a lot of other things lacking in the first offering by Blizzard.

  • Onscreen notification that a new application has arrived
  • Minimap Icon that is only shown when you have applicants
  • Simple output of current online applicants
  • Redesigned Buttons (looks purty no?)
  • Mass Invite/Decline
  • Manageable Mail Templates
  • View Applicant Archive including inbound and outbound mail
  • Visibility of Online Status
  • Invite or Decline Selected Applicant
  • Mail Applicant based on the selected template (I have one for good apps and one for fail apps that suggests they put in more effort)
  • View the WHOLE application comment, because the Bliz UI doesn’t always.
  • View the Armory Link for the character so you can copy and paste it for easier review
  • View applicant correspondence
  • Disabling of buttons that are not able to be used because;
    • The applicant is currently offline
    • The mailbox is not open

Here are some additional screenshots of the Addon for your viewing pleasure! 😛

You can download the addon here:

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