So Cataclysm Is Here – Upy’s View of the (NEW) World

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A little late, but better late than never I guess :) Catalcysm has been a breath of fresh are for a number of reasons.

My highlights so far would be;

  • Guild Enhancements – The simple concept of Guild Achievements, Reputation and Experience has really encouraged guilds to work towards common goals (and rewards). It’s great to see people actively pushing heroics and guild runs of any kind (including a group going through BC raids for Guild Achieves etc).
  • Challenging Game Play – myself and a group of guildies levelled to 82 running 5mans, it was great to see that they were not only challenging but actually hard work with the level of gear we were running with. Personal highlight was hitting Lost City of the Tol’vir as a level 83 (and trying to down 87 level bosses) and getting through it after much screaming and complaints about DPS taking too much damage. The NEED to CC and actually work on strategies, it felt like hitting a raid for the first time and it felt great!
  • Personal Accountability – This really comes under ‘Challenging Game Play’ but it really deserves its own point. No longer could WOTLK tanks cruise along pulling the whole instance and expect to survive, no longer can a DPS stand in fire and expect to have a big heal land to save them, no longer can a healer loose focus, even during trash pulls. There are heroic encounters that even know I simply say “I will not be healing DPS until Phase 2” because with mana the way it is for the gear I’m wearing (A lot better than when I started trust me) and with health pools the way they are, topping up a fail dps not only takes the focus off of the tank, but also sucks you dry of mana so quickly it’s just not workable.

Now I will call out some of the areas of disappointment in the expansion, don’t get me wrong, I have had so much fun and am very happy with the expansion overall but these are commentary of the way I see it, not just blizzards work but the community as well;

  • Health Pool Vs Max Healing Vs Mana Pool – I find personally that the size of the health pool even at heroic level gear is so huge, and the max healing and mana pool means that it is very hard for a healer (well resto druid) to get back on top of a lot of group damage. It relies heavily on people using health stones and bandages in high damage encounters, and while I trust my guildies to do the right thing, the reality is most PUG’s wont.
  • Average iLevel Requirements (Hackable) – I think it strange that someone can have a stack of blues in there back that contribute to there iLevel, it makes no sense to me. I know people could just wear the items and them replace them when in the dungeon but it really makes a mockery of the system put into place to ensure people who were under geared couldn’t queue for heroics. My suggestion would be that the iLevel should only take into consideration the gear the player is wearing and if their iLevel drops significantly while in the instance they should be auto removed (having a threshold will allow for the occasions a 333 item > 346 item). We actually had a tank in guild I was running with who was waiting to level up Enchanting enough to DE a stack of blues in his bag, on doing so his iLevel dropped and he couldn’t queue any longer. While his tanking was fine, it just proves the stupidity of the current system.
  • WOTLK Attitudes & NubsLodur at WoM touched on this phenomenon where people just haven’t taken on board the new mechanics and instance requirements. I put a lot of effort into my spec and play style to adjust for the Cataclysm changes, so why hasn’t everyone else? Pure laziness or elitist attitudes maybe.

That’s all for now 😀 Tell me your highlights and lowlights so far!

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