Healing Assigns.. How do you do it?

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I am interested to hear how you guys go about managing your healing assigns. I have tried several modules but have not been able to really find one that suits me.

My main issues come down to the following key things;

  1. Lack of Flexability – I find most addons to be restrictive, this is primarily due to the very nature of addons needing to be ‘coded’. The inability to add additional information makes them hard for me to use.
  2. Addon Requirements – Some require that more than myself need the addon, even the whole raid in some circumstances.

I have tried several including; Heal Organiser, Healing Groups Sucks & Getting Things healed

In the end I have gone down the path of creating macros for all my assigns. Now some of the fight (especially in Ulduar+) have multiple phases that require complex assigns. Enter MacroBroker, this allows you to create an unlimited (i think) number of macros that are then able to be registered with a Data Broker. For my Assigns I decided to user Carousel (which I have talked about here)

So I setup my assigns in a template using a series of Place Holders for the different tanks and healers that may make up a raid.

The following is an example of my template for Yoggy where our healer channel is 5;

/5 — YOGG
/5 Phase 1
/5 – Standing with Ranged
/5 Tanks – TANKH2
/5 Raid – HOTS1
/5 – Standing with Melee
/5 Tanks – TANKH1
/5 Raid – RAID1,RAID2

/5 Phase 2
/5 RAID1 going into portals, HOT1(backup) – PORTAL (6)
/raid RAID1 going into portal, HOT1(backup) – PORTAL (6)
/5 Stand on marked range from now on!
/5 Raid (focus) – RAID2,HOT2
/5 Dispells (focus) – All Else

/5 Phase 3
/5 – Face away from boss :)
/5 Raid – RAID1,RAID2,HOTS1
/5 All Should Be Dispelling As Needed!

Basically ever fight will be defined like this, then based on the raid invites I will open the MacroBroker.lua in the SavedVariables folder and do a Replace All for the placeholders.

Then when I login all my assigns are setup and ready to click before the fights :)

Limitations and Annoyances;

  1. Complex assigns mean that the text going into the channel can be throttled by wow, this means you will get a chunk of text and then a few seconds later the rest, not a biggy.
  2. Multiple Phases can be annoying in terms of having to scroll up to get Phase 1 assigns etc.

So let me know how you do it :)

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