3.2 Woah

Well as you all know 3.2 hit last night with a few little hicups :)

Other than the regular Post Patch restarts and resets (which I avoided mostly by not being online during the day) we also had some interesting issues during combat.

We had a couple of ‘interesting’ take deaths where they took multiple big hits (upwards of 100k) within a second. This was happening during Icehowl.

Flame Lev
Seems to be bugged where he is getting an additional tower buff, we did 1 tower (he had 2 buffs), Matt did 2 towers and had 3.

Wow, so many adds! We started by using the Side-Tanking strat, haha that failed hard with numerous adds automatically being picked up by boss.

I also had numerous addon issues, I think the big issue here is the new raid levels that have been added.

I.e. 5man, H-5man, 10man, H-10man, 25man, H-25man seems to be causing a lot of issue with addons like Grid :)

We did manage to get Beasts down which was cool and it was actually my first night as raid leader :) Still got a log of improvement to go but I think it went well enough :) First Raid = First Guild Kill 😀

Ill post some quick tips for Beasts shortly :)

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  1. Tunza
    August 6th, 2009 at 15:43 | #1

    Nicely done last night mate. You lead well through new content. Just need to get you up to speed and you'll be yelling at us in no time.

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